26 Dec 2019 : Industry Outlook 2020 – Interview with Hioki Singapore Pte Ltd Managing Director, Seiichi Miyazawa

Asia’s leading automation publication, Industrial Automation Asia has recently conducted an interview with Mr. Seiichi Miyazawa, Managing Director of Hioki Singapore Pte. Ltd.

In this annual market outlook, the magazine finds out from executives on what they have in store for 2020 and their thoughts about the trends and opportunities in the manufacturing automation industry in the region and around the globe. Below is an adaptation of the article:

What is the next big thing coming down the line for the industry whether it’s a technology or market trend?

I trust so many things going to be automated and to moving towards the internet of Things – ie: all the utilities around our everyday lives, development, production, measurement, inspection, etc. I believe, at the same time, investments and developments for high-efficiency utilisation of energies can be so much accelerated because they are basis of our social infrastructures. Most of industry sectors should follow to this big stream, and then it is obvious that companies offering unique/high-level innovation based on their higher creativity can be the next worldwide leaders in such stream.

Where do you see opportunities for growth in 2020?

With the aforementioned stream, high-efficiency of social infrastructures and its stable supplies can bring us much more demands about various measurements and signal-sensing (like current, voltage, or so). Also, new measurement technologies for both rising of battery demands and progresses of components required for faster IoT spreading will be our growth opportunities.

What should companies be mindful of to stay ahead in the industry?

We are required to monitor markets with broader field of view – from on-site activities to development teams.  On the other hand, it is important for the whole HIOKI Group to make very best efforts to be an excellent solution provider who can provide customers ideal services which are able to offer them improvements.

Do you see a need to shift your strategies in order to facilitate growth, and/or be relevant in the industry?

We are required to strengthen our organisational strengths. It means that we should have capabilities to contact to possible customers rapidly/surely as well as to provide higher-level measurement solutions fitted to those customers.

To realise those, it is required for us to improve both our own capabilities and our internal education/training systems. As the results, HIOKI can obtain market demands which can be linked with our next-generation measurement technology developments.

What do you hope to see in 2020?

We should create markets which can be brought by new values of ours. That is why I would like to accelerate rapidly to broaden HIOKI brand in ASEAN/Oceania markets. Through these activities, I believe our measurement solutions can contribute to technology innovation in our society as well as in realising sustainable development goals.

This article first appeared in https://www.iaasiaonline.com/industry-outlook-2020/