Measure the Resistivity of Plate Samples Efficiently
Hioki Super Megohmmeters are high insulation resistance meters designed
to measure the electrical resistance of insulation materials with high
insulating properties. The SME-8310 is an electrode for measuring the
surface and volume resistance of flat samples in conjunction with the
SM-8200 Series.
Sample of 100mm square by up to 8mm in thickness is measurable.
The main electrode dia. is 50mm and inner & outer dia. of ring
electrode are 70mm & 80mm respectively. Measurement voltage
becomes "OFF" while the lid is open to ensure safety.
A selector switch allows selection of voltage or surface resistivity.

Model No. (Order Code)


Hioki SME-8310 Plate Sample Electrode for Measuring Surface or Volume Resistance

When paired with super megohmmeters, the Hioki-SM8310 can measure the surface and volume resistance of plate samples.
Watch this video to learn how to connect the SME-8310 with the Hioki SM-8220 Super Megohmmeter

Outline Specification

Dimensions215mm (8.46in) W × 78mm (3.07in)H × 165mm (6.50in)D
Lead length75cm (2.46ft)
Catalog: SUPER MEGOHMMETER SM-8213, SM-8215, SM-8220Download PDF  [2MB]English
Catalog: SUPER MEGOHM METER SM7110, SM7120, SM7420Download PDF  [3MB]English

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