“Thank you for supporting HIOKI’s quarterly newsletters. One of HIOKI corporate philosophy is “Contribution to Society”. In HIOKI, we want to realise it by supporting customer’s business growth through supplying of equipment and services. This year 2016 was a fruitful year with the launch of the HiOptimus truck in Thailand, the setting up of HIOKI community in Indonesia, held technical seminars to benefit our customers, participated in exhibitions to showcase HIOKI’s exclusive technology and lastly to give back to society through tree planting event. Each of these activities is successful through the cooperation from various parties –our staff, our distributors and our customers. Thank you very much for your support once again. Next year 2017 HIOKI will continue to strive to provide and improve with new technology. I wish everyone a healthy, prosperous and happiest year ahead! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! HIOKI Way!”MD Tsuchiya